Night Sky - Rob Lovato
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Ka'ena Point S.P.

The galactic center of the milky way is going into hibernation for the winter, so I knew that while visiting Oahu that on this particular night I would have an hour and a half to see a little bit of the milky way before the full moon came up & washed it out. I decided to take some timelapse for a new project and the results are exciting. I couldn't decide which exposure was my favorite out of the bunch so I decided to do this composition of three different shots. Top right is what's left of the milky way in the western sky, top left is alpenglow hitting the tops of the clouds as the moon rises behind me, and bottom left is the brightness of the moon making it look like day light. Bonus shooting star, and faintly in the distance on the bottom right I assume is Kaui, my next destination :)

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